Stack-On GSB-710E 10-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

The Stack-On GSB-710E 10-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock can hold 10 shotguns or rifles, and is a durable and secure investment. This one of the best biometric gun safe Its pry resistant door is constructed with solid steel and comes with concealed hinges for maximum security. It also has all of 6 locking points, including 3 steel deadbolts and 3 live action locking bolts. Additionally, it is equipped with an electronic lock, which includes operational lights, a guard against incorrect entries and a low battery warning. Besides, there is a drill resistant and especially hardened steel plate behind the lock for complete security.

The Stack On also offers excellent user convenience. Its interiors are carpeted to protect delicate valuables and it comes with patented standoffs and barrel rests. For efficient storage, it features a 2-tray organizer. Hooks have also been provided to hang hats and other such items. Besides, it has a removable carpeted shelf for any further storage requirements. The total weight of the product is 206 pounds and its dimensions are 20 7/8 x 12 5/8 x 55 1/8″.

Technical Details

  • Capacity of 10 rifles or shotguns
  • Solid steel pry-resistant door with concealed hinges
  • 6 locking points, including 3 live action locking bolts and 3 dead bolts
  • Electronic lock with operational lights, incorrect entry guard and low battery warning
  • Carpeted interiors; two-tray organizer; hooks; removable carpeted shelf for additional storage
  • Weight 206 pounds

Stack-On GSB-710E Review

Users who have invested in the Stack-On GSB-710E 10-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock regard it as excellent value for money. It is sturdy and secure, and offers very good storage space. However, it is reportedly difficult to shut properly, if all of its gun safes are being used. Customers should consider it more like an 8 gun safe. That is still a good deal for the cheap price at which it is available. Since the door is heavy, there is a slight risk that the safe could tip forward, if it is not mounted. So, mounting is a must. It can be mounted either on the floor or the wall, and it comes with high quality mounting screws.

Users, who buy Stack-On GSB-710E 10-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, could experience some trouble with shipping. Many users have reported that they have received the product slightly damaged or dented. In a couple of instances, it even arrived quite badly damaged and had to be shipped back. However, Stack On does offer good customer service, and they are always willing to help to find an effective solution, in case there has been some damage in shipping.

The good part is that the electronic combination lock works very well, and the safety levels that this product offers are great for the price. Naturally, it will not keep out a fire or highly experienced and trained robbers, but it keeps valuables well stored and is sturdy and secure enough to stay out of reach of regular burglars.

The Advantages Of An Online Drum Machine

An online drum machine is superb for making complicated beats. Why? First, they save you space in your house recording studio. This is a substantial factor for many musicians. 2nd, an online drum machine is easy to use. These machines are designed for DJs and producers with limited experience playing drums, or creating rap beats on the internet. Because of this they’re straightforward and user friendly.

Even though drum software is simple to use, that doesn’t mean they are too easy or not adequate to form top notch original sounds. Trust me, the pros are using drum software to make great beats.

The genuine advantage of an online drum machine is that it saves you time as compared to traditional electronic drum set. You can begin making original beats without studying manuals. These programs allow you to begin right away! Because there are such a lot of options out there, its critical to get a software that meets your wishes. The technology has advanced so much that there’s doubtless an ideal option for you!

A cool feature of most programs is that they include help files, tutorials and a support network. This can make sure that you have somebody to contact when you’re stuck and not sure how to find the right sound or tempo

Video tutorials are fantastic. Confirm your online drum machine has videos that show how to use the software as well as provide insight into tips or tricks that will allow you to create sophisticated sounds. This is important so that you can get started immediately

A great beatmaker software will include a varied range of sounds, much more diverse that what you would find with standard beat machines. Be certain to research available software because some machines offer certain features which will meet your private needs . Most websites will let you test out the programme.

Easily usable Kids Toilet Seats and few tips to keep them clean and hygienic

Managing kids’ primary necessities and to keep them clean and devoid of infections always is of prime importance to any parents. At home with easily functioning hygiene oriented Kids toilet seats it is rather easy for mothers to assure a germs free , safe and comfortable toileting for their kids.

Kids show a general tendency to manage their primary needs themselves from early stage itself. With the modern wonderful collection of toilets and seats it is not at all a tough task for mothers to give their kids training to use the toilet without other’s help. Most of the Kids toilet seats are made in such a way that they are easily usable at the same time risk free and highly hygienic. Check some toilet reviews before buying a toilet always.

Kids means softness and tenderness and they always deserve a soft treatment. With this aspect in mind Kids toilet seats are made with smooth materials offering the kids a feather touch. They are mainly moulded with rounded edges with nothing there to spoil the feel of softness and solidness. Kids toilet seats can be effortlessly opened and closed as they are installed with easy and quick release hinges.

This soft closing mechanism assures trouble free operation of the toilets and also minimizes the chances of kids getting their fingers trapped and wounded while using the toilet seats. Kids toilet seats can be cleaned quickly by removing the seat cover to clean the hinges and the toilet surface with hot water and mild liquid soap. Many of the kids toilet seats made of Vinyl is highly durable, crack proof and almost anti-bacterial. Kids Toilet seats with handles are another variety added with the comfort of pads and cute with handcrafted custom designs. With multi colours and embroideries kids toilet seats are made attractive pieces of art and no kid can shun the wish to use it again and again.

To be assured of 100% safety parents are now very keen to get toilet seat covers for their kids. Whether in house toilets or in public restrooms toilet seat covers are the best protection against contamination through the touch factor. As these Kids toilet seat covers comes in most attractive colours and designs they add to the beauty of the room as well as help to keep the toilet seats clean and safe from germs.

But it is not possible to take these fixed types of toilet seat covers where ever we go. While purchasing toilet seat covers two main things have to be taken care of. They should have adhesive strips to get glued to the seat so that they do not move when in use and secondly the covers should extend beyond the seat so that kids get a firm hold. For travelling parents with small kids disposable paper toilet seat covers are real blessing. Whenever your kid use the public toilet with wet seats with already used tissues over it, nothing can be more irritating and unclean. Always have a place for disposable toilet seat covers in your hand bags so that you can use them fresh and dry on the public toilet seats and thus can provide a homely sanitary feel for your kid.

How To Use A Dehumidifier To Remove Dampness From Your Home

A dehumidifier provides the most ideal option of keeping moisture and humidity levels at ideal levels. High levels of humidity createhow to use a dehumidifier conducive conditions for the growth of mildew and mold or an environment that can harbor pests such as silverfish and mites. Knowing the right way to use a dehumidifier would effectively keep your basement and bedrooms dry and free from pests and other disease causing organisms. Herewith are some helpful tips on how to use a dehumidifier to remove dampness from your home:

How To Use A Dehumidifier Tip Number One: Preparing The Right Position For The Dehumidifier

For your new dehumidifier to operate with maximum efficiency, it has to have ample spacing. Ensure that the unit has between 8 and 10 inches of free space on all sides. This is important because its internal fans need enough space to draw in air.

How To Use A Dehumidifier Tip Number Two: Installation

The right spot to install your basement dehumidifier is on a well leveled floor to avoid spillage. Do not place it on a tilted floor where it is likely to drip water from its reservoir.

How To Use A Dehumidifier Tip Number Three: Keep windows and doors shut while running the dehumidifier

Just like you would not leave doors and windows open when heat or air conditioning is running you would need to observe the same when using a dehumidify. This will ensure that the wet area is dehumidified as fast as possible.

Tip Number Four: Remember The Unit’s Safety Procedures

Every unit comes with a set of electrical safety measures from the manufacturer. Check on the recommended settings of your system and other electrical safety measures. For example, water drainage areas should not be kept close to electrical circuits. Ensure the socket or other electrical outlet in which you have plugged the dehumidifier is well grounded.

Tip Number Five: Maintenance

Dirt and dust can easily clog your dehumidifier’s coils and grills so place it in a clean area. Keep the filter clean at all times for easy passage of air through the unit. Most models come with filters that can be removed and cleaned.

How To Use A Dehumidifier : Important Steps and Information

Learning how to use a dehumidifier is very important . While removing dampness from your house, the dehumidifier accumulates water drawn from the air. This is called grey water and is considered to be in the same category with dish washing and laundry water. In most units you will have to periodically empty water collected in the unit’s container. There are models that have an indicator light to show you when the water container is full and some automatically turn off. However, you will need to check for water accumulation in the container at minimum once a day.

Your dehumidifier also works by drawing in hot humid air and cooling it over coils. Condensation takes places on the coils causing water to drips into the container reservoir. However, when temperatures fall drastically to around 36 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the coils begin to ice up. When this happens, the unit might continue working, but it will not be extracting water from the air. The solution is to turn it off and let the coils thaw. Generally a dehumidifier uses around 160 kWh of power every month to keep your house cool. This helps in cutting down on your power costs especially during summer because you would minimize running your air condition considerably. If you have any question on how to use a dehumidifier please contact us.

Using Your Leftover Steak to Make a Fresh and Tasty Salad

Although the freshly cut USDA Prime steaks served at Christner’s are hard to resist, it can be hard to tackle a whole porterhouse in a single sitting. To make the most of your mouthwatering leftovers, watch this short video that will help you create a delightful salad topped with the steak.

This recipe features sweet sugar snap peas, peppery radishes, and garlic mustard vinaigrette to enhance the succulent flavor of thinly sliced leftover steak. Arrange each of the ingredients on the plate so that you can eat with your eyes before diving into this colorful and delicious dish.

If you are craving steak for dinner, call Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster to make a reservation with us.

Choosing the Best Leather Sofa Loveseat

A genuine leather sofa loveseat can add integrity and beauty to any room in your home. Selecting a natural material can be difficult if you have never shopped for the artistic character of leather as opposed to manmade materials. Like a gemstone or exotic wood, leather forms over time and has a personality of its own.

One of the first lessons that need to be learned is that leather is durable as well as beautiful. Many people chase away pets and children as the leather sofa loveseat calls to them, offering comfort and warmth. The luxury of leather is one that will be engrained in a child’s memory for years to come and tough enough to endure any romping. Welcome children and pets to enjoy the richness of its invitation.
sofa loveseat
A leather sofa loveseat may hold many wrinkles and stretch marks, known as “beauty marks” from handling, thorns, barbed wire and many other elements of the rough outdoors. These are not to be considered blemishes but personality of a world well traveled and a pride that should be shown off.

Leather used on chairs or sofas will constantly adjust to its environment, breathing and ventilating. Contrary to what many believe, leather never becomes hot and sticky in the summer or cold in the winter. This is why a leather sofa loveseat is one of the most enjoyable seats you may have in your home. You can place your Christmas trees close to these sofas, for more on artificial Christmas trees click here.

There are certain terms that are used in the leather industry worth knowing. Pure aniline is leather that receives its color from aniline dyes only; there are no topical applications of any sort. Aniline dyed is the coloring of leathers without using non-toxic dyes. These two features allow the leather to adapt to its environment naturally. Dying will not harm the leather as long as it is aniline dyed.

Top grain is when a hide is in layers. The top layer is the most durable part of the hide. Full grain refers to any leather where the natural texture has been left in its original state with markings. These are indeed wordings to look for when shopping for a leather sofa loveseat. Steer clear if you see the term “split” as this is when the underneath portion of the hide is used and is far less superior.

A solid wood frame and lifetime springs are usually associated with premium-grade; top-grain leather to guarantee the years of wear that you will receive from your genuine leather sofa loveseat or best sleeper sofa 2015. Your leather will mellow and age from regular use and the oils from your skin will enhance its beauty. Armed with your new outlook on leather, shop for a leather sofa loveseat that is going to give you years of growing beauty and comfort.

Different Methods Of Facial Hair Removal

FACIAL-HAIR-REMOVALFacial hairs are very embarrassing for females. It starts to grow during teen ages and then turn in to darker after 35 years of age, and then it will be your important issue of facial hairs. Usually females have hairs over their lip and their chin but there are many females who have unwanted hairs on their jaws, neck and cheeks.

There are fortunately numbers of possible ways to get rid of facial hairs. The first and leading, females must have to find it out the cause of her facial hairs before choosing any option. Pregnant females and nursing females have noticed and increase in facial hairs. For these females, it is very important to consult doctor before using any hair removal technique or method that requires energy, drugs or chemical.

Females with high level of androgens (a steroid hormone such as testosterone or androsterone which controls the development of masculine characteristics) could obtain oral medications from their doctors or medical specialists.
Most common and often use facial hair removal method is tweezing. Tweezing is acceptable for use for eyebrows but it is not for other females. Tweezing can damage your skin and it is painful.

Some female’s think that they will hide or cover their facial hair by bleaching it but after some time, by the use of makeup and in bright lights their face will look more hairy.

By the prescription of professionals, there is a thing called topical creams which reduces growth of new hairs for about 50% of those females who has used it. It is not recommended for females to use wet razor because after then hairs will grow back very soon and skin will look thicker and darker.

Females can remove their unwanted facial hairs by using a cream or lotions namely depilatory but if someone gets pimples as a reaction, then there is no need to surprise because the creams is made up of insensitive chemicals.

Another method of facial hair removal is a facial wax. It is fast and easy method which can control the growth for 6 weeks. Many females faced redness and swelling in reaction of facial wax because of pulling out hairs.

There is a horrible facial hair removing option for females which is Electrolysis. It uses a needle which passes into the follicle (from where the hair grows up). Females may face redness, swelling, scarring and pinpoint scabbing. Electrolysis is very expensive and requires anesthesia. Also, it requires regular use for 1 to 2 years to get final effective result.

Apart from electrolysis, there is another method for facial hair removal that is laser treatments. It can provide output within six to eight checkups. It is expensive because it uses hot laser light. For more hair care tips check HPR site.

4 Christmas Traditions Of Practical Origin

Festive traditions aren’t all glitter, tinsel and frivolity. In fact a look at history shows that some of the most well know Christmas details were a result of convenience. Here are four origins that came about for no other reason than that of being the most practical solution.
1. Holly.

It’s a prickly ever present throughout December and there are many stories of how it all began, but the most likely is the Christian appropriation of Pagan winter solstice celebrations. And why did it feature so prominently? At this time of year in northern countries, i.e. Europe things are pretty drab.
The days are short and there are no leaves on the artificial Christmas tree. Except for evergreens, of which holly is one and it is a particularly vivid shade of green with flashes of red from its berries. Simply, sprigs of holly were used because they brightened the place up more than other foliage.
2. Jingle Bells.

The sound of jingle bells, what could be more Christmas themed than a sleigh gently ringing in time with the horses’ movement as it weaves its way through mountain slopes. Not a lot really.
Truth is though that the silent running of a horse drawn sleigh is actually quite dangerous. Those bells were a necessity to avoid sleigh on sleigh carnage at night or on blind bends. You see, jingle bells are a practical and effective method of road safety.
3. Mince Pies.

Food didn’t keep all that well back in the day. There were no freezers other than that of Mother Nature and she wasn’t much use because when the food was abundant and needed preserving the forecast was still fine and dandy.
How did our ancestors get around this? By mixing up a lush mixture of all the good stuff they could get their hands on and wrap it in pastry. It was then kept for the winter months. This evolved up until where we are now. Nice tidy little pies perfect for Christmas chow.
4. Lapland.

Santa gained a wife in 1889 when Katherine Lee Bates wrote the poem Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride. The knock on effect of this was that Santa needed a home.
The North Pole made sense what with Christmas being wintery and all. However, Santa also had Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen to think about (Rudolph didn’t make the line up until 1939). They couldn’t graze in the Arctic so Lapland was chosen as the sensible alternative.
Bonus. Delivering Presents.

Lapland had issues for Santa as pointed out by a Swedish logistics company Sweco. It’s not a good place to deliver presents from on a global scale. It’s just not efficient. Far better would be a mountain in Kyrgyzstan.
Not to miss an opportunity the Kyrgyz tourism board decided to name said mountain Santa Claus. How long do you think it’ll be before the chubby jolly one will relocate? It makes sense, you know, from a practical point of view.